Pupils and members in the Lectorium Rosicrucianum

What does it mean to be a pupil or a member of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum? The starting point for this is the inner experience and realization that, apart from our ordinary life in the well-known physical world, there is a spiritual destiny of man.

Being a pupil or member of the Lectorium Rosicucianum (LRC) means, above all, to experience the yearning of the soul for the Light of the spirit. It is this desire that awakens a new perspective and orientation of life, as well as a re-evaluation of personal values and priorities.

Two types of connections with the LRC – a personal decision

One’s response to this new perspective, and whether one wants to follow it, is a very personal decision. Therefore, there are two types of membership in the LRC. One who joins the LRC may decide, after a period of orientation and attendance at public events, to choose either active pupilship or general membership. The minimum age for either is 18 years.

Membership includes a less formal connection with the school, with no further obligations. Members have access to many events and spiritual meetings of the LRC, such as discussion groups, temple services and weekend conferences. In addition, membership includes a monthly contact letter and a subscription to the bi-monthly magazine “Pentagram”.

Being a pupil of an initiation school means change and renewal

Pupilship in the Lectorium Rosicrucianum involves more than membership. The School of the Golden Rosycross is an initiation school aimed at achieving the path of transfiguration; the great metamorphosis of man according to soul, spirit and body. Metamorphosis requires a readiness to change and the will for renewal.

Beginning with a thorough self-investigation, a pupil is ready to adjust his life step-by-step towards the spiritual goal in an ongoing internal process. After a period of preparation, one adopts some fundamental life-style changes, such as not using alcohol, nicotine or drugs and following a vegetarian diet, while inwardly turning away from selfish or self-centered living.

The Light is the teacher and master

All further steps on the way to a renewed awareness result from regular participation in meetings and experiencing the spiritual power of the Light in unison with other pupils. No teacher or master stands between the pupil and the Light. Everyone follows the path in self-authority at his own pace. The Light itself is the teacher and the direct knowledge resulting from the Light is called Gnosis – knowledge of God.

Pupilship aims to achieve the universal wisdom teachings in everyday life and to serve humanity on a spiritual level. This increases the desire and necessity to attend regular temple services. In the local centers of the International School of the Golden Rosycross several services a month are usually offered. These services last about one hour. In addition, pupils participate in weekend conferences in one of the conference centers.

How to become a member

Further information about how to join the Lectorium Rosicrucianum as a member or pupil can be found on the national websites (link) of the LRC. The Lectorium Rosicrucianum is a non-profit organization that funds its operating costs by fees and donations only. Membership fees are kept as low as possible.

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