07. What are the pillars of the Rosicrucian teachings in the Lectorium Rosicrucianum?

From the perspective of the Rosyross, besides the physical world there is a higher world, the world of immortal life. Therefore, the Rosicrucians speak of two nature orders. The mortal world has two spheres: the material sphere were we live, and the “other side”, the abode of the dead. This contrasts with the divine world of perfection and eternal life. A field of higher existence which was home to humanity before its descent into the material world. The divine nature order is not on another planet, but exists in the same space as this world, but on a different vibration level.

Man is, from the Rosicrucian view, a dual being. Mortal man is born from the material world. He bears a spark of the immortal spirit, the “Rose of the Heart”, which comes from the higher nature. In this spirit spark the idea and structure of the original, perfect human being is contained as a seed. The energy field around this spiritual center, which also surrounds the entire material man, is called a “microcosm”.

It is the life task of man to awaken his divine soul from the spirit spark and restore the lost contact of the soul with its spiritual dimension. This is done through the power of Christ. The Bible calls this process “born again of water and Spirit” (John 3:5). The Rosicrucians speak about the great metamorphosis of man, the “Transfiguration”, and suggest the melding of the original soul with the spirit as an “Alchemical Wedding”. By this Christian Initiation man regains his share of the nature of perfect life.

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