08. What importance does reincarnation have within the Rosicrucian teachings?

The teachings of the International School of the Rosycross explain that the mortal personality of man does not reincarnate. It is unique, composed of matter of the mortal world, and will dissolve back into it when its time has come.

It is the spirit spark of man and his energy field, the surrounding microcosm, that gains experience from the cycle of birth and death in the world of matter; the world of opposites. With each incarnation of the microcosm, a new mortal personality is given the task to free the microcosm from its bondage to the wheel of birth and death, and guide it back to its real home, the spirit-soul world.

The force that allows this return is the atmospheric power of Christ, which the Rosicrucian pupil anchors in his system during his life. This force dissolves the karma that binds his microcosm to matter, and leaves the immortal “Other” one, the divine man, to grow again. So said John: “I must decrease, so that He may increase”.

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