13. What does Initiation mean to the Rosicrucians?

Initiation means to awaken in a higher state of being and consciousness. What this means in detail, depends on the particular starting point of the individual, because there are several kinds and many levels of initiation. In previous eras the initiation schools mainly worked on the individualization of man and his self-responsibility. This stage has now been reached for humanity as a whole. In this respect, man in the 21 Century respect has come to the end of a long evolutionary path of becoming conscious in matter. This path cannot lead deeper. Today, at the beginning of the Aquarius Age, a new level of initiation has to be found and passed. Rosicrucians call this higher level of initiation “Transfiguration”. The goal of this level is overcoming the bondage to the matter by the birth of a new consciousness which is led by the Light of soul and spirit. The work on the self-centered personality is no longer on focus. The goal of Aquarian initiation is the rebirth of spirit, soul and body to a completely new state of human being.

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