14. What does the name “Golden Rosycross" mean?

The cross is one of the ancient symbol of humanity. Such symbols always include multi-dimensional spiritual facts. In their origin, they are not invented by man’s mind, but they are radiated into the collective field of human consciousness from a higher level of reality. Therefore, they always allow several interpretations on different levels.

The horizontal bar of the cross can be seen as a symbol for life in the material world, which is characterized by the polarities of good and evil, day and night, life and death. The vertical bar symbolizes the Spirit of God that radiates into this world and calls man to his true destiny. If a man perceives the call and opens his heart to the Light, spirit and matter meet at the intersection of the cross, in the heart, and the hidden Rose of the heart starts blooming, thus becoming man’s immortal soul.

In its spiritual aspect, gold is the symbol of the connection between spirit and substance at the lowest level of manifestation. At the level of life, spirit and original substance meet within the soul, which is therefore also symbolized as “gold”. Therefore, the school speaks of the “Golden Rosyross”.

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