15. What does the symbol circle-triangle-square mean, under which the Lectorium Rosicrucianum occurs?

The circle stands for the macrocosmic, unknowable Spirit of God, the fullness (the Pleroma), from which all revelation evolves, and which embraces all creation. From the circle, the triangle evolves, meaning the divine spirit in its threefold revelation as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. From the Holy Spirit evolves the “square of the building”, the embodiment of the divine idea within the substance.

Circle, triangle and square together at every level – whether the macrocosm, cosmos or microcosm – a universal symbol for the divine creation, in its perfect manifestation of spirit (circle), soul (triangle) and body (square). Thus, the sign of the unity of circle, triangle and square is also a symbol of the divine human being, who is to be revealed on the path of Rosycross.

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