16. What do Rosicrucians mean with the term “Spiritual School"?

He, who wants to follow the path of the Rosycross, must be willing to learn from scratch. The application of the spirit forces that are active in the International School of the Rosycross, the pupil gains an inner knowledge of its existence, the meaning and purpose of his life. With this knowledge, he must find his way and walk in freedom. Therefore, there is no “teacher” or “guru” inside the school, and no atmosphere of performance and competition. The path unfolds in the pupils themselves in different stages.

The divine man reveales as a Trinity of personality, soul and spirit. The objective of the International School of the Rosycross is not to perfect the mortal personality. And its ultimate goal is not alone in the soul’s development. But it’s about the complete renewal of the human system, through to the binding of the reborn soul to the spirit, by means of Transfiguration, the path of initiation. Therefore, the term “Spiritual School” is used for the LRC.

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